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The field of business continues to expand, and the workforce is large. Many students may find themselves interested in business, yet lost among the sheer amount of potential careers to prepare for. However, there are five main fields of business, each with distinct characteristics that can draw people of different backgrounds and skills:

1.Marketing and advertising

With the increasing use of social media and fast paced advertisements, marketing is a rapidly changing industry. From television to social media platforms, there are countless ways to distribute information and spread word of a business. Marketers help manipulate these forms of communication, along with more old fashioned ones, to maximize interest and profit. Corporations rely heavily on marketing to gain an edge over their competitors.

People interested in marketing may pursue careers in online content creation, public relations, relationship management, or design aimed to attract attention or use triggers to arouse interest in a viewer for sales generation. Marketing incorporates strategy with creativity, and those working in the industry must have a good understanding of their audience to take advantage of passing trends and develop effective campaign strategies. Those working in marketing will often have to come up with new ideas and initiatives based on the variables presented to them, whether through design or through operations.

2. Management

A career in business management involves making choices for companies. Jobs often include planning, organizing, and controlling the different activities of a business and overseeing processes within. Managers aim to achieve a business or organization’s goals and objectives through their work, and they are often involved in various aspects of a business, some which may include finance, operations, and human resources.

Management requires resourcefulness and creativity in order to solve presented issues and come up with successful ideas for reaching company goals. Managers usually have a high level of leadership abilities, making them prepared to work with many different workers across the company. 

3. Finance

One of the most popular career industries, the field of finance is expanding rapidly. Highly profitable, the median finance salary is over $30,000 more than the average median salary. Finance often involves math and statistics, and paths within the field include investment bankers, accountants, portfolio managers, consultants, and traders. These paths cater toward different interests, although all involve some amount of familiarity with math and statistics. 

As jobs in finance are so popular, there are also restricting entry qualifications. Many of the jobs listed above require a four year degree, and many professionals are extremely knowledgeable in math, statistics, and economics. 

4. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic and more independent field within business that focuses on individuals that wish to start their own businesses. Risks taken in entrepreneurship are more personal, and entrepreneurs are often innovative visionaries with new products or services to provide to the market. Entrepreneurs identify opportunities in the market, develop creative products or services, and carry out their vision within the market. 

Entrepreneurs must be innovative to bring something new to the market and have a successful career, whether that be through innovative marketing techniques or innovative product ideas. Entrepreneurs often have to take calculated risks, as starting a business from scratch is challenging, and turning an idea into a successful business requires risks. As entrepreneurs do not have a successful business backing them, they have a high degree of autonomy and retain more control over their business’ operations.


Hospitality revolves around providing services and experiences to customers. This industry is much more personal and encompasses various segments like hotels, restaurants, and travel. The goal of hospitality workers is to create enjoyable experiences for clients and customers. 

Hospitality requires adaptability and aims to cater toward guests or customers. Professionals in the field are expected to focus on the meeting needs and expectations of customers, providing comfort and satisfaction. There are a variety of roles that someone interested in hospitality may pursue, including hotel management, event planning, catering, and many more. Interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and teamwork are highly valued traits within the industry.

The world of business offers a vast choice of career opportunities, each catering to different passions and skills. The five fields listed above represent some of the most popular within business, though there are plenty more that one may be interested in pursuing. No matter what topics someone is interested in, they can find a niche field that fits them within business.


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