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Written by Mahanya Nimmagadda, Ananya Ganni on Saturday, 20 May 2023. Posted in Event Recap

On Sunday, April 30th, Girls for Business hosted a College Panel with students from New York University's Stern School of Business. The six panelists are all involved in different realms of business and each discussed their distinct business experiences, along with sharing their views and advice on different college majors, why they chose NYU, and the process of applying to college.

About the Stern Panelists:

Pooja Anand is a senior majoring in business with a concentration in marketing & sustainable business and minoring in psychology. She was a Consulting Summer Analyst at Accenture and is an Incoming Strategy & Planning Associate at Wells Fargo. At NYU, her activities include being Co-President of NYU Marketing Society, Social Impact Intern and Exploration Peer Mentor at NYU Stern, and Co-Founder of the Stern Student Council for Gender Equality. 

Carol Sun is a sophomore majoring in business with a concentration in finance and minoring in data science and public policy. She was an Alternative Finance Intern at Premium Merchant Funding and is an Incoming Investment Banking Sophomore Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley. At NYU, she is an Executive Committee Member of NYU Finance Society and an Alumni Relations Director and Analyst at the Stern Investment Analysis Group.

Yeonjae Shin is a freshman majoring in business with a concentration in finance and data science and minoring in BEMT (Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology). She is a Business Executive at Ga’Chi and is an Incoming Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Mirae Asset Global Investment. At NYU, she is a part of the Investment Project Team in Technology Industry at Smart Women Securities. In high school, she was President of the Student Council Executive Board, founder of Broadcasting Club, and the lead vocalist & President of her school’s band.

Nattacha Pichittanarak is a freshman majoring in BTE (Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship) and minoring in computer science. She was an Innovation Consultant at Pier Dam Startup; at NYU, she is a Freshman Liaison of the NYU Stern Business Analytics Club, Mentee at the NYU Blockchain and Fintech Club, and an event organizer for Women in BTE. 

Saaesha Bhimjiani is an incoming freshman planning to major in business and political economy. She is Co-Founder and Chair of Operations of A Helpful Paw, President of International Business Club, and Global Economy Blog Writer at the North Carolina Virtual Public School Peer Tutoring Center.

Sabhyata Joshi is an incoming freshman planning to major in business with a co-concentration in entrepreneurship and either finance or sustainable business. She is founder and CEO of Reef Relief, data intern at Trademo, and an advocacy filmmaking intern at Nature Science Initiative Dehradun. 


Nattacha Pichittanarak is currently pursuing a Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship degree at NYU Stern, a highly competitive degree with a class of only about 30-50 students. She describes the class as more project-based than technical, and with only about 20 students in a classroom, she says it is a very casual classroom setting where one grows very close with the other members. The degree allows for real technology prototype-making, shadowing real business owners, as well as being able to gain mentorship for entrepreneurship and other business areas. Her advice for admissions is to stay true to yourself and do not compare yourself with other applicants.

Q & A:

Why did you pick NYU?

Anand was interested in NYU Stern due to the school’s reputation and quality. She grew up in the suburbs and wanted to move to the city, and there is no city better than New York! Additionally, she also wanted to study abroad and be part of a diverse student body. 

Sun originally did not plan to pursue business, but applied to business schools in order to broaden her horizons. With Stern, she realized how helpful going to a school with a name reputation and a wide array of alumni connections can be. 

Shin wanted to live in a place that was very urban and accessible since she was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She also wanted to brag to her parents (Stern is #2 for finance in the US) while enjoying her college experience as well! 

Pichittanarak selected NYU due to its BTE program and vibrant community, as she loves being surrounded by people. She instantly clicked with the vibes, ambassador, and overall atmosphere.

Bhimjiani chose NYU due to its global community and assistance with her future career; she also liked living in the city. 

Joshi originally wanted to go to college on the West Coast but changed her mind with a visit to NYU. She thought attending Stern was a great way to enter the business world.

What was your story for Common App and do you have advice?

Shin answered the prompt asking about a “challenge faced.” She explained how an answer to this prompt does not have to be a huge problem or one that is extremely challenging. She wrote about suddenly dying her hair pink while she was student body president. Her teacher cut her hair in front of everybody, sparking a movement for change where Shin discovered that change does not occur overnight and that there are shades of gray in between black and white. 

Bhimjiani wrote her Common App essay about her progress as an individual. She moved in 7th grade and wrote about how it impacted her. Her advice was to think about new areas for additional questions.

Joshi wrote about her experiences sailing as a way to stand out, discussing how her cultures came together in the middle of an ocean. For the NYU specific essay, she wrote about “love and leadership and how that goes together.” She discussed the role of emotions in artistry, and how in business that is not often the case. Her advice is to get started as early as possible in college applications.

What advice would you give to high schoolers in determining what they would do in the realm of business? 

Sun decided she wanted to pursue finance when she joined clubs on campus that were crucial in her understanding of business, real-life experience, and in gaining mentors. Her advice is to not be afraid to reach out and chat with others.

Anand agreed with Sun, as what helped her decide her realm of business was a program she attended at Wharton and getting jobs/hands-on experience. She said it helps differentiate different parts of business, what you are most passionate about, and what works best for you.

Nattacha advises not to limit yourself to one thing; she states, “Don’t be afraid to explore and find new things to do.” Shin says she does not yet know exactly what field she wants to pursue but is interested in becoming a product manager, marketer, banker, or consultant – though she knows she can’t do it all. Her advice is to test out different careers and converse with as many people in different fields as possible.

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