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Written by Claire Chen on Monday, 03 May 2021. Posted in RMHS

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Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk all have one thing in common—they’re entrepreneurs. Because of this, they have also gained quite the amount and fame and money. Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur like them?

First of all, an entrepreneur is someone who creates a business, or a series of businesses. They scale these businesses up for revenue, bearing both the risks and rewards that come with it. Entrepreneurs usually begin with an innovative and creative idea and develop it into a full-blown business.

Entrepreneurship is rather risky, but can also be highly rewarding. Those who fail will most likely lose money and prevalence in the markets. On the other hand, a successful entrepreneur may be rewarded with large profits, fame and more opportunities. 

The nice thing about being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to start big. In fact, many successful companies like Microsoft and Amazon started out in a garage with only a couple people. The most important thing is to have a creative idea. So, if you ever wondered whether or not you might want to become an entrepreneur, check out the following list below. 


  1. You’re independent.

Entrepreneurs usually spend long hours working on their business plans alone, whether that’s thinking of more ideas, traveling or fixing an issue. If you can work and think independently without relying too much on others, this is a sign that you might be a good entrepreneur.


  1. You’re not afraid of failure.

With entrepreneurship, there is always risk involved. However, failing once does not mean the end of your journey. Successful entrepreneurs are willing to face their failures and learn from their mistakes, using them to better themselves. For instance, take Arianna Huffington. Even though she was rejected by 36 publishers, she carried on. In fact, she later went on to create The Huffington Post, one of the nation’s most successful blogs and news sites.


  1. You don’t care about being liked by others.

Entrepreneurs always have to make some hard decisions along the way. But, they’re not afraid to do so, even if it means bringing others down, or losing their own likability. They are brave enough to tell others the truth, even if it’s unpopular, and they are honest when delivering feedback, even if it’s negative.


  1. You’re optimistic.

Entrepreneurs don’t see problems, they see opportunities. When they see an issue in society, they take the chance to solve it and make an impact on people’s lives. For example, the founders of Uber focused on people’s needs of everyday traveling. Since many relied on buses and other vehicles as their form of transportation, Uber was founded in order to provide a solution to inefficient traveling. Today, Uber has revolutionized transportation in the 21st century with its efficient, hassle-free traveling experience for customers.


  1. You like to be in control.

Entrepreneurs are leaders in their fields, and love to be in charge. In fact, some entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have been described as control freaks. Also, if you don’t like being bossed around and tend to resist authority, it may be another sign that you could be an entrepreneur.


  1. Your Enneagram personality type is “The Reformer.”

If you take the Enneagram Personality Test and end up with a result called the “The Reformer” or Type 1, you have a personality type that is commonly seen in entrepreneurs. This type of person is rational, principled, self-controlled and sometimes a perfectionist. So, if you fall under the first Enneagram type, entrepreneurship is a possible career choice for you.


  1. You can collaborate with others.

Even though entrepreneurs are independent leaders and may try to do everything on their own, sometimes it is best to ask for help or work with other people. This way, new ideas can be introduced and improved. Also, working with other people provides the opportunity for new perspectives on ideas and plans. After all, the most successful and famous companies would never have taken off if it were not for the help of others. For instance, Steve Jobs could not have created Apple without Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates could not have founded Microsoft without Paul Allen.


Entrepreneurship may not be the path for everyone. But, if you have many of these signs, you could consider a career and future in entrepreneurship. If you’re lucky, you may even become the next greatest entrepreneur.

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