GFB School Chapters

Katie Ha

Alameda High School

Katie is a rising junior at Alameda High School in California and Co-President of Girls For Business Alameda. She is super involved in her school community through leadership, yearbook, link crew, etc. She also designs graphics for multiple clubs and social media pages as well as plays for her high school women’s basketball team. She decided to start a Girls For Business chapter at her school because she really likes the whole concept of the organization and she wants other girls who have a passion for business, to gain opportunities and knowledge about the field they may want to pursue in the future.

Samantha Yuen

Alameda High School

Samantha is a senior at Alameda High in California and serves as a co-president at GFB Alameda. she plans on majoring in business so she's excited to learn and grow throughout the experience of starting a GFB chapter. In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends and baking.

Shreya Bala

Athens High School

Shreya is a rising high school senior from Troy, MI and serves as a president for GFB Athens. She is interested in pursuing a career in business administration and marketing. In her free time, she likes traveling, baking, swimming, and hanging out with friends.

Alix Bodden

Beverly Hills high school

Alix is a high school junior from Los Angeles and servers as president of GFB Beverly Hills. She is interested in the intersection between business and literature. As a member of GFB, she is excited about helping others pursue their passions in relation to business & networking. Alix loves reading, traveling, writing; and creating content on her book tok page.

Amitha Sanka

Del Norte High School

Amitha is from California and is excited to start a GFB chapter at her school. She wants to gain knowledge while encouraging others to pursue business and is looking forward to the opportunities GFB offers. In her free time, Amitha enjoys running for her school's track team, painting, and playing the piano.

Jessica Lian

Holton-Arms School

Jessica is from Maryland and is super excited to start a chapter at Holton-Arms School! She is also the Analytics Editor-in-Chief at GFB and loves being able to spread business education to girls all around the world. She can’t wait to continue working with GFB!

Stephanie Huang

Killarney Secondary School - Canada

Stephanie is a rising senior from British Columbia. She is passionate about entrepreneurship with a focus on sustainability. Stephanie hopes to encourage local youth to learn more about business education and female empowerment while achieving new skills.

Yochi Hobson

National Cathedral School

Yochi is very interested in business management and entrepreneurship and is really excited to expand Girls For Business throughout her school! Outside of school Yochi does gymnastics and loves to eat sushi!

Kiana Hajikarimloo

Northwest High School

Kiana is a sophomore at Northwest high school. She migrated to the U.S. from Iran when she was 15 to study and gain new experiences here. She plans on double majoring business and law. She is truly involved in her community through leadership and extracurricular activities. Her favorite hobby is reading books and photography. She wanted to start a GFB at her school because she enjoys helping other students to find their passion about business. Fun fact about Kiana: She speaks four different languages!

Anna Shirley

Northwest High School

Anna is a rising sophomore and serves as Co-president of GFB at Northwest High School. She enjoys reading, singing, as well as learning more about various subjects. She hopes to inspire those who would like to have a future in the business industry to be empowered to do so!

Millie Briones

Oakland Military Institute

Millie is a Senior at Oakland Military Institute in California and President of Girls For Business in her school. She is excited about starting a chapter with GFB! She has developed her passion for business by designing the website of a local construction company. She wanted to learn and teach others about business, while also empowering women.

Josephine Digennaro

Palisades Charter High School

Josephine (Jojo) is in 12th grade at Palisades Charter High School and has lived in Los Angeles her whole life. She loves to surf and play beach volleyball and she wants to go into the hospitality industry for her career. She is very excited to be working with the Girls for Business organization this year!

Daisy Wang

Poolesville High School

Daisy is a sophomore at Poolesville High School who wants to empower others to pursue the male-dominated field of business. Her experience with business has made her an outgoing and ambitious girl who wants others to explore the business field through GFB. Her hobbies include playing instruments, reading, and running.

Annalisa Russo

Richard Montgomery High School

Annalisa is a Business Staff Writer and a Maryland native who hopes to start a business. She joined GFB to educate herself and others on business tactics and entrepreneurship. She enjoys volunteering in her community with youth programs. Annnalisa is excited to learn and meet new people while being part of the GFB team!

Claire Chen

Richard Montgomery High School

Claire is a Business Staff Writer and thrilled to be a part of the RM Girls For Business team. She is looking forward to learning more about business, participating in events, and experiencing other educational business opportunities as a member of GFB.

Denise Yan

Richard Montgomery High School

Denise is a Business Staff Writer and loves to bake, play music, and meet new people! In the future, She hopes to go to college in DC and major in business and finances. She's so excited to put hard work into RMGFB and gain more experiences! :))

Ariana Esqueda

South Hills High School

Ariana is a rising senior from Southern California. She is incredibly excited to further GFB’s goals and promote business learning across the world. With creating a chapter at her school, she hopes to inspire other girls to pursue business in the future. In her free time, Ariana loves reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Hana Mekonen

Springbrook High School

Hana attends Springbrook High School in Maryland. she is a huge advocate for ending private prisons, immigration/refugee reform and making healthcare accessible to all. She enjoys reading books, going on runs and hanging with friends. She is glad to be a part of GFB because business intersects with so many career paths and having insight early in life is much needed.

Ilona Chernevych

St. Theresa of Lisieux Catholic High School - Canada

Ilona is very passionate about the business field as well as female empowerment and can't wait to start a GFB chapter at her high school. In her spare time, she enjoys acting, watching movies and tv shows as well as listening to all kinds of music genres.

Joy Sun

Thomas S. Wootton High School

Joy is from Maryland and she is passionate about business and entrepreneurship! She's super excited to be starting a chapter at Wootton and hope to empower other women to pursue their passions in business. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis & the piano, dancing, traveling, & spending time with friends!

Lily Wei

Troy High School

Lily is a rising junior from Michigan. She enjoys drawing, volunteering, and baking in her free time and is passionate about education and empowerment. She is excited to serve as THS’s Co-President and can’t wait to see what the chapter will accomplish in the coming year.

Shannon Cai

Troy High School

Shannon is a senior from Michigan that has interests in biology, economics, and more! In her free time, she enjoys playing music (both from a speaker and an instrument), baking sweets, and hanging out with friends! She serves as a co-president at GFB Troy High School and cannot wait to work with the team and expand what they have to offer!

Nandita Jagan

Troy High School

Nandita is from Michigan and is excited to further her passion for business through her role as an ambassador for GFB. In her free time she enjoys traveling and playing the piano and flute.

Morgan Peele

Walter Johnson High School

Morgan, a junior at Walter Johnson High School, is recognized as one of the top performing students in her class. Morgan is very reserved with a high sense of herself awareness and achieves a successful outcome in everything she does. Morgan constantly strives for excellence and is very independent allowing her to make decisions with purpose. Beyond her outstanding academic achievements, Morgan began running track at the age of 7, winning a Junior National Championship for the 400 meter rally. Striving for a career in Law and entrepreneurship, Morgan is determined to advocate for the rights of all people despite their race or gender. Morgan participates in clubs and groups that focus on uplifting and empowering Black girls which allows her to provide leadership and mentorship to others.

Shrishti Mahajan

Westwood High School

Shrishti is a freshman from Texas who has interests in not only marketing and business but also is passionate about empowering girls all around the world. She is super excited to be a part of GFB and to help inspire more girls to explore the business field. Her hobbies include singing and playing tennis.

Natalie Horton

Winston Churchill High School

Natalie is from Maryland and is hoping to pursue a major in International Business and Chinese. She hopes that through GFB, she can inspire and encourage other girls to pursue business too! In her free time she enjoys doing her sports: figure skating, ice hockey and track, as well as hanging out with friends!

Skylar Yentis

Winston Churchill High School

Skylar is a senior at Churchill. She plays lacrosse and field hockey and in her free time enjoys baking. She is so excited to help other girls become interested in business.

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