Rachel Wang

Founder, Executive Director

Rachel is from Maryland and is incredibly excited to further GFB's goals with this extraordinary team! Rachel hopes that Girls For Business will expand access to business education for young women of all backgrounds as a platform of female empowerment. Outside of GFB, Rachel is a huge fan of journalism, 80's music, and podcasts.

Ivy Shi

Co-Founder, Co-Director of Operations

Ivy is an incoming freshman at NYU Stern from Michigan, but is currently studying abroad at a UWC in Hong Kong! She hopes that the Girls For Business initiatives will continue to grow to reach girls from all around the world. Ivy is excited to see the GFB platform connect girls with similar passions for business! In her free time, Ivy loves to dance, read, make playlists for everything, and meet new people!

Sophia Shiu

Co-Founder, Co-Director of Operations

Sophia is from Maryland and hopes that Girls For Business will be successful in stimulating aspiring young businesswomen around the globe! In the future, she hopes to learn more about entrepreneurship, marketing and finance. Sophia’s hobbies include playing the flute and spending time with friends and family.

Jessica Lian

Editor in Chief (Business Analytics)

Jessica is from Maryland and looks forward to being able to use her love for writing and business in helping girls become successful businesswomen. Jessica is excited to be able to take part in making a difference for girls all around the globe! In her free time, Jessica loves to ski and play tennis.

Sharon Lee

Editor in Chief (Business Feature)

Sharon is from Maryland and is super excited to work with the Girls For Business team! In her free time, Sharon loves to play the flute, cook, write, and hang out with the people close to her. Through the Girls For Business platform, Sharon is eager to meet new people from all over the world.

Stacy Sun

Editor in Chief (Business Education)

Stacy is from Maryland and always enjoys reading, playing the piano, and spending quality time with her friends. Stacy is super excited to take part in sharing everything that the world of business has to offer!

Stephanie Mo

Co-Director of Mentorship

Stephanie is from Maryland and is super excited to work with the Girls For Business team! A few years ago, Stephanie started a business and has worked with other businesses to promote products. In her free time, Stephanie volunteers and tutors kids.

Doyel Saha

Co-Director of Mentorship

Doyel is a high school student from Edison, New Jersey! She is very excited to be a part of GFB as she wants to pursue a career in the field of business in the future. Her hobbies include dance, art, and baking.

Angelica Frude

Co-Director of Outreach

Angelica is from Maryland and has always been thoroughly interested in the exploration of marketing and communications, in addition to humanities and the arts. Angelica enjoys painting, filmmaking, taking care of her pet cockatiel, and performing piano music in her spare time.

Sophie Li

Co-Director of Outreach

Sophie is from Georgia and can't wait to help grow the Girls For Business organization! In her free time, Sophie enjoys playing golf and piano and spending time with friends and family. Sophie is so excited to get to know more people through GFB platforms!

Kiana Hajikarimloo

Director of Public Relations

Kiana is a junior at Northwest High School, in Maryland! She is very interested in global business and international relations! At school, she is involved in Montgomery County SGA, model UN and Unicef! She has been in Girls For Business for more than a year and love working with an amazing team:)

Clarice Frude

Co-Director of Graphic Design & Arts

Clarice is a freshman from Maryland with a passion for digital art! Her hobbies include playing the piano and practicing volleyball. She loves the GFB community and hopes her graphic designs help advocate for women in business!

Jenny Phan

Co-Director of Graphic Design & Arts

Jenny is a senior in high school from California. Her favorite Disney movie is Moana and her FAVORITEEE color is pink! Fun Fact: Jenny is scared of street cats!

Julia Lian

Director of Film Creation

Julia is from Maryland and is beyond excited to work with Girls For Business to empower girls in business! She is passionate about empowering women in the STEM and business field. Julia is excited to spread GFB’s mission through leading the Film Creation team. Julia’s hobbies include playing tennis, skiing, and baking.

Chinmayi Chittamuri

Co-Director of Finance

Chinmayi is from New Jersey and is interested in pursuing a career in the business field. She is interested in finance and marketing, and is super excited to be a part of the Girls for Business team!

Rachael Kim

Co-Director of Finance

Rachael is from California and has a deep passion for the fields of business and community. In her free time, she enjoys piano, guitar, art, literature, and spreading financial literacy through social media. Rachael is beyond excited to be a part of GFB and fight for inclusivity in business!

Jessica Shiflett

Senior Advisor

Jessica is from California and has fostered an interest in business ever since she attended BBAY at Berkeley. Jessica runs her school's T-shirt company and is the project manager of a start up called ReThred Apparel. Jessica plays soccer, has a black belt, and loves to ice-skate.

Lana Duong

Senior Advisor

Lana is from San Jose, CA and she is enthusiastic about activism and enjoys traveling. Lana has experiences in marketing, project coordinating, and working with local nonprofits. Being ardent about business, Lana aspires to empower young girls to follow their passions!

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